Fly Ash Brick Making Machine
Fly Ash Brick Making Machine
fly ash brick making machine

Fully Automatic Fly Ash Brick Making Machines


  •  4 Brick or 2 Paver Block Per stoke
  • Automatic and Semi automatic with hydraulic pressure
  • Automatic Fly Ash Brick Making Machine. (HVB800)
  • fly ash brick making machine manufacturer in india video
  • 800 Brock/per hour production. (4 Brick per stoke)
  • 6500-7000 Brick production in a 8 Hr.
  • 12 Hp power – 3 Phase (1 Pan Mixture, Conveyor Belt, Hydraulic Pressure Main Machine )
  • 13-15 Sec Cycle Time

Features of fly ash brick

  • Properties of bricks meet or exceed Indian Standard of Bricks IS: 4139:1989 & 12894:1990
  • Maximum Compressive Strength achieved is 80-120 Kg/cm2 Curing time 8-10 Days).
  • Weight of fly ash bricks 2.75 – 3.25 Kg / Brick depend upon sand quality and quantity
  • Water absorption 12-16% depend upon recipe (We are fly ash brick making machine manufacturer in india)

Automatic Fly Ash Brick Making Machine Manufacturer in india

These German designed HVB Exports machines are most versatile, manufactured in India with SIEMENS frequency control technology for producing Hollow & Solid Blocks, Pavers, Kerbstones, Flyash Bricks etc. These are ideal & economical solutions for initial start-up.

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We are using German Technology (Hydro+Vibro technology) in automatic fly ash brick making machine

Frequency conversational control technology

This energy saving technology was re-innovated and improved by Germany R&D center. It can save 20% – 40% power by adjusting the frequency converter, compared to traditional motor; at the same time, it can greatly improve the quality of concrete products and prolong the motor lifetime .Automatic Fly Ash Brick Making Machine manufacturer in india

High – efficient Hydraulic System

The hydraulic pump & valve are from international brand. Adopt high – dynamic proportional valve and constant output pump to adjust the oil speed & pressure, with the features of high – stability, high – efficiency and energy – saving.

Fully – automatic Control

Perfectly combine the automation technology and system from Germany. The automatic control is of easy operation, low failure ratio and high reliability. (Fly ash brick making machine manufacturer in india)

Compulsory Feeding

Uses two SEW feeding motors, which control two mixing shafts. The feeding frame, bottom plate & mixing blades are made of high – duty HARDOX steel, which strengthens the sealing performance and prevent the material leakage. The discharging gate is controlled by SEW motor.  Manufacturer in india (Fly ash brick making machine manufacturer in india)

Heavy Duty Structure and wear resistance Moulds

Heavy duty structure and wear resistance moulds adopts CNC & Wire Cutting to Make sure paver size accuracy. Carbon-dioxide welding for crack resistance with heat treatment and carburization, sand blasting and other machining Process. It becomes more robust and resistant to the frequent & strong vibrations. (Automatic Fly Ash Brick Making Machine Manufacturer in india)

High – efficient Vibration

Adopt the most – advanced vibration technology from Germany. The vibration table consists of dynamic table & static table, which greatly improves the vibration efficiency and guarantees the high quality of concrete products.

(Automatic Fly Ash Brick Making Machine Manufacturer in india)


This is a 4 block semi automatic heavy duty hydraulic concrete block making machine with feeder box attachment and driver sheet.
The feeder box attachment makes the feeding of materials to mold easy and fast. This machine is easy to operate and make good production of Concrete Block, Hollow block; Solid Block can be made in this machine. All type of block measurement moulds can be designed based on customer’s requirement.(Automatic Fly Ash Brick Making Machine Manufacturer in india) “We are the one only one manufacturer of16 Block machine in India”

Advantages Of Machine:

  • Forward and Reverse Auto Drive.
  • Left – Right Manual Drive
  • Semi– Automatic machine
  • Powerful technology ever seen in India
  • Auto Feeder Driver seat
  • Two Heavy Vibrators
  • Left – Right Auto Drive

Production Capacity:

  • Size of Blocks Per Stroke
  • 400X200X100(16X8X4) – 1 Block per stoke
  • 230X110X75(9X4X3) – 4 Brick per stoke
  • 225X112X25 – 2 Block per stoke


  • Smooth finish
  • Reliable
  • Durable

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: HVB800
  • Port of Dispatch: Ahmedabad Gujarat
  • Production Capacity: 6400 per 8hrs
  • Delivery Time: 25 Days

HVB EXPORTS are the leading manufacturer of fully automatic fly ash brick making machine, our machine has features like Automatic Raw material weighing, Auto mixing, Batching plant, Silo’s, Discharge of finished bricks through Conveyer for fast production . Raw materials used for the production of fly ash bricks is fly ash, sand, lime and gypsum or cement. fly ash brick making machine manufacturer in india

Bricks are produced by compressing the raw materials in the mould and hydraulically pressed. Hydraulic unit is heart of this machine and that unit consisting of Hydraulic cylinder, power pack is manufactured in house. The whole system is plc controlled. Our machine requires less manpower effort and is also cost effective and has provision of pick and place with auto stacking system. (Automatic Fly Ash Brick Making Machine Manufacturer in india)Fly ash bricks produced from this machine are uniform in shape and size with high compressive strength.

The excellent engineering property and durability of fly ash brick enlarges its scope for application in building construction and development of infrastructure, construction of pavements, dams, tanks, under water works, canal lining and irrigation work etc.

Automatic Fly Ash Brick Making Machine Manufacturer in india